7 Days of Color - Week 1 and 2

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea where I wanted my instagram feed to look like a RAINBOW~ So I started #7daysofcolor where every day starting on Monday we do a painting or photo of something for the color theme of the day. On the one hand, this has prevented me from posting a lot of random stuff, but I did in fact achieve my goal of a RAINBOW feed! Here are collections from the first two weeks.

We've got one more week left, so feel free to join in! Just hashtag #7daysof color! Colors go 

Monday: Red

Tuesday: Orange

Wednesday: Yellow

Thursday: Green

Friday: Blue

Saturday: Indigo

Sunday: Violet

Entering the heads of your characters

A week ago, I was privileged enough to attend a conference by the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. One of the keynote speakers was Judy Schachner, author of many character driven books including "Skippyjon Jones." She talked about her process of thinking about her characters and coming up with great stories and one of them was very familiar to me and really intriguing. 

Judy Schachner Image credit to Iza Trapani's Blog 

Judy Schachner Image credit to Iza Trapani's Blog 

She creates "Character Bibles" for all of her characters. 

Judy brought a ton of examples of Photographs of her Sketchbooks which were super inspiring to me and my ADD addled mind. 

Judy brought a ton of examples of Photographs of her Sketchbooks which were super inspiring to me and my ADD addled mind. 

For those of you in animation the term "Bible" may seem familiar, it's a term we use when we're pitching new ideas or communicating with a crew about what our films are about. For Judy, her bibles focused on just one character and they were incredibly exploratory. She used collage, photography, drawing and notes to develop each character or their stories. 

The other reason that this intrigued me was because I had seen another character bible in a similar vein before too. 

My "Lovely" Mentor Claire Keane! 

My "Lovely" Mentor Claire Keane! 

When I was just starting at Disney Feature Animation, my mentor, Claire Keane, showed me this amazing book she made. It was a sketchbook full to the brim with watercolor drawings, notes and sketches that she created for just one character. That character was Rapunzel, who feels more like a fully fleshed out real person than most animated characters. 


According to her blog, Claire kept this journal and kept track of her day and imagined what it would be like if it was Rapunzel living out her day. 

Rapunzel, being a bit of an odd duck (how do you get into the head of someone who's been essentially trapped in one room for 18 years?) was a challenge for a lot of people to understand and Claire's sketchbook was a great way to communicate and explain what kind of person Rapunzel was and how we could use that for her design as well as her acting. 

A lot of great actors use something called 'Method Acting' to get into the heads of their characters, and when we see them use these methods we are often rewarded with characters who feel especially real and more than generic. 

When we design characters in Entertainment, employing this type of thinking can also be a great way to get into the head of who you are designing. Even if you can't sit down and create a whole BOOK one one single character, take the time to get to know your person. What would they order at a coffee shop? What kind of places make them comfortable or nervous? These types of details are what make your characters more than drawings and give them a life beyond the page.  And hey, if you've got the time, why not make a little book about your one character or story? It could be a great fun way to explore and maybe come up with great ideas!! 


Images for Judy from Iza Trapani's Blog 


SDCC 2014

it's almost that time of year again! Our biggest show is right around the corner and we're psyched to see everyone! We've got lots of fun new stuff that we can't wait to share! 


We often would get requests for our comic con print to be smaller so this year we decided to make a set of postcards! This set of 6 postcards will be $20 and will come Pre Stamped for your convenience so that you can drop them off into our postbox where we will send your well wishes to friends and family! 

Another new print will be our Hall H poster! We've joked about doing Hall H for a few years now and here it finally is! This will be a full size 12x18 print

Our City Poster set is also getting the postcard treatment, now you can get the other 6 cities (Seattle, Los Angeles, Paris, New York, London and San Francisco) As postcards! Also pre stamped 


And one last treat for the nerds, An INVENTORY bag! Who doesn't love looking at their inventory when playing a game? Now you can proudly show off your full tote with our newest grocery bag!

Find us! With al of our new stuff at booth 1734! We're right behind the Peanuts booth! 

Zip Up Bags- Donuts and Dogs? Oh My!

Our Summer line is coming together really quick and we wanted to share some photos of some new and some restocked items! 

One of my favorite things that we make are these little zip up bags, they're great because you can just toss anything you need into them, band aids, lip gloss, a Nintendo DS, the possibilities are endless. 

We have a new design this year too, Dogs and Donuts! These are some good puppies who wear their donuts around their necks like good boys. They made me laugh as I painted them and I hope they make you smile too