What we're Reading

What's sitting on our nightstands right now? (well, inside of our Kindles anyways) 

Amy Pohler's "YES PLEASE!" 

I loved Amy's new book! It's always inspiring to listen to successful artists and hear about their journeys. The things that inspired me the most were when she talked about her childhood and not necessarily knowing exactly what she wanted to be. I feel that as an artist everyone expects you to have had your "dream" be crystal clear ever since you were a kid, but for a lot of us that just isn't true. 

Nassir Ghaemi "A First Rate Madness" 

This was an interesting book. Nonfiction can be challenging for some people, but this one with it's historical examples and interesting look at some of our great leaders of the past is well worth your time if you have any interest in the brain or mental illness. 

Both books are highly recommended if you're looking for something to pick up during the holiday break! 

Instagram Roundup -Watercolors

I've been getting back into watercolors lately and It's been a real blast! I actually always struggle with real media since I learned to draw on the computer, so I always felt like I had no idea what I was doing with real paints.

But, whenever there are gallery shows, I'm forced to come to terms with working in traditional mediums. I enjoy

I've been interested in drawing young girls in fairy tale situations, and its fun to come up with ideas for what they are doing. This girl I call the Clockmaker's Daughter, she could be doing a lot of different things wandering through the forest with her giant Gear!


Happy Halloween!

I've always loved Halloween, I'm a big wimp when it comes to scary things, but I always like the idea of the supernatural in a quirky campy way! I really had fun illustrating different sizes and styles of gravestones.

Whenever I'm illustrating a random doodle like this, I like to think about a story to the characters. I liked having this character looking off and being a little apprehensive about the world.